Audio Interview With Dominic Monaghan

Bandar CemeThanks to Bill for the following interview with Dominic Monaghan on the Johnjay and Rich show.

This morning, nationally-syndicated radio morning show “Johnjay and Rich” had actor Dominic Monaghan (Charlie Pace on “Lost”) as a guest on their program. Here are some soundbites that we thought you might be interested in using for your blog. Thank you in advance if you use anything.

Does “Lost” morph into “Flash Forward”?

Is one of the hit songs by Charlie’s grup musik “Driveshaft” a clue to how “Lost” will end?

Is Dominic Monaghan happy with the way “Lost” ends?

Has Dominic heard or read any rumors about “Lost” that are true?

“Johnjay and Rich” can currently be heard in Phoenix, San Diego, Denver, Portland, OR, and various cities across Arizona and Colorado.
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