Damon Lindelof Discuss The Finale And More

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Episode 6.15 – Across The Sea – Latest From Tv Guide Magazine

Bandar CemeWhatΓÇÖs The West WingΓÇÖs C.J. doing on the May 11 episode of Lost? No oneΓÇÖs officially saying anything about Emmy winner Allison JanneyΓÇÖs mystery character (identified only as ΓÇÿWomanΓÇÖ), though online speculation has it that she may be playing the mother of Mark PellegrinoΓÇÖs Jacob or Titus WelliverΓÇÖs Man in Black ΓÇô two of the few recognizable faces in this trippy third-to-last installment titled, ΓÇ£Across the Sea.ΓÇ¥

ΓÇ£SheΓÇÖs incredible, but we canΓÇÖt give away who sheΓÇÖs playing,ΓÇ¥ says executive producer Damon Lindelof, confirming only that AllisonΓÇÖs role is a major one. ΓÇ£We will confirm that she will be a woman.ΓÇ¥ (Dang, there goes my big island tranny creation theory.)

Fellow executive producer Carlton Cuse adds, ΓÇ£We were so happy that she was able to do this. It was really hard for her because she was getting ready to shoot a pilot, but she squeezed us in. Then once we saw her in this part we were like, ΓÇÿHow could anyone else have done this but Allison Janney?ΓÇ¥

ΓÇ£In fact,ΓÇ¥ adds Lindelof, ΓÇ£weΓÇÖve been talking about this character for awhile and how nervous we were that we wouldnΓÇÖt find the right actress. When we first started talking about this character in the writers room we called her ΓÇÿAllison JanneyΓÇÖ under the assumption that we wouldnΓÇÖt be able to get her.ΓÇ¥

But the two EPs got on the phone with Allison and had ΓÇ£a lovely conversation,ΓÇ¥ tells Lindelof. ΓÇ£SheΓÇÖd seen enough of the show to ΓÇÿgetΓÇÖ it, but wasnΓÇÖt completely dialed in. So we explained the part and said it was as close to writing a role for a particular person as weΓÇÖd ever done. And she moved heaven and earth to go down to Hawaii for eight days.ΓÇ¥

Cuse says the mystery role required ΓÇ£incredible presence,ΓÇ¥ which Allison demonstrated on her long-running NBC drama. ΓÇ£She had so much presence in The West Wing,ΓÇ¥ he recalls. ΓÇ£She was in charge and had the strength we needed.ΓÇ¥

Hmmm… So, since my tranny creation theory’s out the window, might it be possible that Janney’s character was sent to the island on official business by… Martin Sheen’s President Bartlet? Not even in a flash-sideways!

Source: TV Guide Magazine

Odi Lost Podcast 65 – Darkufo Confirms And Reveals Spoilers

Bandar Ceme OnlineHey All,
With the break this week we were planning for two podcasts, our regular recap podcast and a bonus podcast. The bonus podcast was going to include a segment with our good friend DarkUFO and it still does.

However we started chatting with him about spoilers and then he started discussing some MAJOR Spoilers. Yes some of these I believe have already been revealed but I believe some of it is new.

So I decided to take this segment and make it a separate podcast so fans that did not want to be spoiled would still be ok.

We talk about Episode 6×14 (The Candidate) and 6×15 (Across the Sea), major deaths, a little about Jacob and MiB’s origins, Dark confirms who Adam and Eve are, and a little about what to expect on island in the finale.

This podcast was posted to iTunes earlier but for those of you that can not access iTunes here is a link to an audio player and download link:

Hope you all enjoy!


Did Abc.Com Just Post A Spoiler?

Menang CemeThanks to Goodspeed7c from the Forums for the following.

I was just browsing http://www.abc.com and came across something interesting. On the character pages, there is a ‘character quote’ section that allows you to scan 10-15 recent quotes from Season 6 Dialogue for each character.

I found this quote on the Locke page:

Your friends are desperate to go home, Jack. And that can’t happen if you don’t go with them. It’s all or nothing. Simple as that. I believe you said it best yourself — Live together, die alone.

Now, unless I’ve gone completely mad, I think this is a quote from an upcoming episode. I have no recollection of this being said. In light of the first sneak peek for 6.14, I would have to guess this is a line from ‘The Candidate.’ Either way, it’s very interesting. Can you guys confirm this is new dialogue? Personally, I was hoping LTDA was done after Juliet uttered the words in ‘The Incident’. What do you all think?

Source: Goodspeed7c@SpoilerTV Forums

Cast Interview On The Finale

Menang CemeThanks to Neddle for the heads up.