Lost Season 6 – Filming Update – 18Th Jan

Bandar CemeUpdate: 19th Jan Thanks to Jeffrey for sending us this little report and some photos. Not very spoilerly I’m afraid 馃檪 Photos and Report

Thanks to our contact PF108 for the following.

Even tho it’s an American holiday the Lost cast and crew are ferverishly working on the finally episodes of the series.

Three seperate scenes are being shot today.

1) John Locke is filming a scene at the D.H. stage.

2) Libby is filming a scene with some doctors at a hospital.

3) Desmond, Minokowski,Hurley and Claire are all shooting a big airport scene (big as in alot of background people), (shot at HNL airport)

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Lost Season 6 – Set Photos And Report – 17Th Jan 2010

Menang CemeThanks to Amos for the following.

Hey Dark, as promised we螕脟脰re sending the photos from Widmore螕脟脰s office, and the two paintings of the weighing scale. Unfortunately 鈹济渨ir didn螕脟脰t manage to take the photos in the morning as they螕脟脰d already dismantled Widmore螕脟脰s office by then, and took the furniture to DH Studios.

鈹济渨ir is planing to check out the beach where the SUNSET ON THE BEACH event takes place, Jan 30th.
He also found out that this week they will be shooting scenes at the airport again, and in the losties camp.

We螕脟脰ll be sending more photos and possible spoilers later this week.

Source: Amos and Swir@4815162342.pl

Cast Dishes On The Future

Bandar Ceme OnlineThanks to Annie for the heads up.

These were questions I had and questions my co-workers Mary Loynes and Rick Taber gave me. Questions like: “What happened to the children?”; “Will Walt come back this season?”; “Is Claire possessed?”; “Why was Libby in the mental hospital with Hurley?”; “Do they think the fans will be satisfied with the selesai season ending?” and “Are they moving from Hawaii now that the show is over?” So I went straight to the sources and here’s what they told me:

Michael Emerson who plays Ben Linus: “Honestly we don’t know an episode until they give us the script and we don’t get them until a day before we shoot them. We won’t see that last script until April. I’m happy to be in the dark as an actor. It’s important that there are mysteries. The landscape of the entire show is a set of mysteries and when those mysteries explode there is not much there.”

Terry O’Quinn who plays John Locke: “In the 2-hour premiere it is revealed who Locke actually is. Although that’s still kind of a mystery of who is that. But there’s still a pretty big revelation there.”

Jorge Garcia who plays Hugo ‘Hurley’ Reyes: “There’s always going to be more to answer. I think some things are just going to have to be left as a mystery. But I think most of the big ones, you will have some sort of answer to. You’ll know this is kind of what is going on here and this is what is going on there. There’s no way we are ever going to satisfy everybody….Oh and this is Hurley’s last season on ‘LOST.'” (laughing)

Daniel Dae Kim who plays Jin Kwon: “I doubt very much that every loose end will get tied up because frankly it’s like life. You know you look for answers to the big questions, but some things just get left by the wayside. But I think (the writers) I think they are pretty diligent and pretty conscious about answering the big questions and I’m pretty sure they will do that. I think you might see Charlie again sometime before the season is over. A lot of people who stopped watching after the first or second season will want to come back to see what happened to certain characters.”

Emile de Ravin who plays Claire Littleton: “I’m pretty sure there will be stuff that is answered and people will be happy to know certain things. But I will say I come back in a rather unique manner and get to play around with my character “Claire” a little more.

Josh Holloway who plays James ‘Sawyer’ Ford: “I am going to change my underwear. (He laughs).

Evangeline Lilly who plays Kate Austen: “I’m doing something totally new this season. I’m not going to tell you what though. But it is very exciting. There is going to be a merk new version of Kate. I don’t know if anyone else is gonna pick up on it, but in my mind it’s very new and exciting.”

Source: Full Article @ CNN Blog

Small Snippet On Penny From Fancast

Menang CemeWhen you visited the 螕脟每FlashForward螕脟脰 set, did you ask Sonya Walger if she would be returning to 螕脟每Lost螕脟脰? I can螕脟脰t see them ending the show without some resolution for Penny and Desmond. 螕脟么 Steven
螕脟每Yes, you will see Penny again,螕脟楼 Walger confirmed, even though, she noted, that storyline has been 螕脟拢fairly well wrapped up螕脟楼 and even Henry Ian Cusick failed to score a spot on the simpulan season螕脟脰s cast of regulars. Walger though is 螕脟拢absolutely delighted螕脟楼 to offer up an extra bit of closure, saying, 螕脟拢I loved playing Penny and they螕脟脰ve written wonderful stuff for me to do, historically, so I螕脟脰d be sad not to go and sign her out.螕脟楼

Source: Fancast

Emilie De Ravin Interview With Mtv

Bandar CemeThanks to Rachel for the heads up. Below are the Lost related parts of the post.

MTV: About “Lost,” you weren’t in the fifth season at all. Was it hard to slip back into the character of Claire, or was it just like riding a bike?

De Ravin: I’d been playing her for four years, so it was kind of like riding a bike. I quite like that analogy. But when I’m coming back to the Island, I’m coming back in a pretty unexpected way and there’s a whole other Claire for me to explore and play with, which has been so much fun, but also getting to play with who I was, with flashback stuff.

MTV: What do you mean about a “whole other Claire”?

De Ravin: Without being murdered in my sleep due to exposing secrets of the series, it’s a different Claire, a different side of her, one I never thought I’d be playing. That’s all I can say.

MTV: Did you watch the fifth season while you were away?

De Ravin: I made a conscious decision not to watch season five because Claire wasn’t there, so I thought it was interesting to not be too in touch with what was going on with the other characters. That gave another side to the mystery for me, but there’s already enough bloody mystery going on, isn’t there? Even more!

MTV: Is there one mystery as a fan that you’d like to have answered at the end?

De Ravin: There was a lot of talk about how Claire’s baby, Aaron, was a big key to why we’re all there and what’s going to happen and that he could be the element of letting us know that. As of now, I don’t know, but there’s something interesting going on there. I want to know!

Source: Full Interview @ MTV