Episode 6X11 – Filming Update And Set Video

Menang CemeHere are some more details from Ryan about today’s filming.

If you missed the set pics, there was a stunt scene being filmed with a car flipping into the marina. Stand-ins for both Charlie and Desmond were spotted on set and apparently the first run at the stunt did not work well as a cable pulling the car snapped, but the second take was successful and fans were able to catch the action via video.

Here is a set video from LOST Locations and update from Ryan:

It was only after the stunt, and after a lunch break, that the context of the scene became clear. Seated in the ill-fated car were Desmond (Henry Ian Cusick) and Charlie (Dominic Monaghan), perhaps not long after CharlieΓÇÖs release from the airport holding cell and their subsequent conversation in a bar. Desmond is driving. The pair are arguing. Suddenly, Charlie grabs the wheel from the passenger seat and yanks, and his impulsive act is what sends their vehicle into the ocean.

Full Report: Hawaii Blog
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Episode 6.11 – Happily Ever After – Filming Update – 14Th Jan 2010

Bandar Ceme OnlineThanks to our contact PF108 for the following.

A update on yesterdays snippet, I had mentioned Faraday yesterday, and find out now they were using a Faraday photo double for some reason, sorry guys for not having that bit. Not really sure why the real Faraday wasn’t there.

Thursday 1/14/10 is a hospital scene. Desmond, Charlie and Jack. Maybe Jack is the doctor after they have that car crash.

Source: PF108@DarkUFO

Episode 6.11 – Happily Ever After – Set Photos – 16Th Jan

Menang CemeUpdate: 19:00 Thanks to again to Amos81 from http://www.4815162342.pl/ for sending us this set report

6×11 set report from Swir

IΓÇÖm in Hawaii and today I saw the crew of LOST. They were shooting scenes with Desmond and Widmore in an old building which used to be a Nike shop.

In the building, they made it look like WidmoreΓÇÖs office, and they put a large green screen behind the windows so that they could add a nice view of London or something like that. When I came back in the evening, the green screen was gone and I could see the interior of the office. I couldnΓÇÖt take a picture though, because it was too dark. IΓÇÖll take care of that in the morning and send you the photos.

I saw two paintings on the wall. They depicted a weighing scale in the shape of a cross. There were white and black discs on each side of the scale.

When I came to the set, I didnΓÇÖt see Widmore or Desmond because they were on their lunch break. I spoke to one of the security guards and he told me the actors were coming back in 10 minutes ΓÇô and they did! They waved at us, asked ΓÇ£how are youΓÇ¥ and entered the building

Source: Swir@4815162342

Thanks to Amos81 from http://www.4815162342.pl/ for sending us these photos

Not very spoilery

Spoiler Sources – Episode Scorecard – 6.14 – 6.18 * Updated *

Bandar Ceme OnlineUpdate: 25th April. A few more of my sources have now read the bulk of the finale script (minus the secret scenes) and have sent their scores in. These have been updated below.

NOTE: Some sources sent in separate scores for each part and some just 1 overall score. For the sources that sent in 1 score these have been split over the 2 parts equally.

Episode Scorecard from a number of our sources to give you a rough idea of which episode they liked the most by rating them out of 10.

This proved to be a very popular item as well as uncannily accurate in terms of the Weekly Episode Polls that we run here for Lost fans after each episode.

Here are their Scorecards for the first 9 Episodes along with the DarkUFO Reader Poll scores for the aired episodes. As you can see they pretty much matched what Lost fans voted for here.

 A few more of my sources have now read the bulk of the finale script  Spoiler Sources - Episode Scorecard - 6.14 - 6.18 * Updated *

I was not going to do this again but so many people have left comments and emailed me I thought we’d try it.

Big thanks to all my sources who have taken the time to send their responses.

So here are the results for Episodes 6.10 through to 6.16 for our sources who have either read the full scripts, seen the video dailies and/or tamat post productions of some of the episodes. And don’t bother asking me which sources are which, I don’t know.

It will be interesting to see if these scores are as accurate as the first set were.

 A few more of my sources have now read the bulk of the finale script  Spoiler Sources - Episode Scorecard - 6.14 - 6.18 * Updated *
Source: DarkUFO