Episode 6.11 – Happily Ever After – Set Report – 13Th Jan 2010

Menang CemeUpdate: 14th Jan Thanks to Ryan for this update.

UPDATE: Or maybe not. Piecing together separate reports, it was not a wedding, after all… which might explain why no one saw a bride or groom all day! But there’s a reason why someone might get that impression.

The scene was instead a big-ticket fundraiser for the ΓÇ£Golden Gate Natural History MuseumΓÇ¥ (or something to that effect), featuring a concert, hence the stage. Parked at the entrance, black limousines and Town Cars with California plates, as well as the silver sedan that Desmond was driving in yesterdayΓÇÖs dramatic shoot.

The fundraiser was being hosted by Eloise, and Desmond was apparently crashing the party, looking for Penny. He tries to read the guest list, but Eloise takes it away. She rebuffs him, and he barks, ΓÇ£For what?ΓÇ¥ He then storms off.

Work continued past the museumΓÇÖs closing time, so who knows what followed. But why the early impression that the scene involved a wedding? Apparently, some of the crew were referring to Eloise not as ΓÇ£Mrs. Hawking,ΓÇ¥ but as ΓÇ£Mrs. Widmore.ΓÇ¥

 which might explain why no one saw a bride or groom all day Episode 6.11 - Happily Ever After - Set Report - 13th Jan 2010
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Source: Hawaii Blog

Update: 21:30 Ignore the update below. I misread a spoiler from a source that said Hawking and Wimore are already married. Not sure yet who is getting married in this scene. My Apologies. We’ll update when we know more
Update: 20:55 According to one of my source the Wedding is between Hawking and Widmore but this is not 100% confirmed.

Thanks again to Ryan for pulling together these filming reports.

While additional shooting takes place this morning at the Ilikai Marina, continuing the big stunt scene from yesterday, local blogger GeeWhy of Pulpconnection broke the news of a concurrent ΓÇ£LOSTΓÇ¥ location shoot on Twitter and with a blog post. The scene, fortunately, is considerably more low key than yesterdayΓÇÖs. In fact, itΓÇÖs downright ceremonial.

The ΓÇ£LOSTΓÇ¥ crew took over the ΓÇ£Great LawnΓÇ¥ at Bishop Museum, setting up for a wedding scene. Fortunately, my family are members and regular visitors to the museum, and my wife and daughter just happened to be there today. A stage was set up to host a band. Jack Bender was running the show, with Jean Higgins by his side. The first actor on the set was Henry Ian Cusick (Desmond), dressed up and doing press interviews, but he was not the groom.

When Fionnula Flanagan (Ms. Hawking) showed up, flanked by a slight stand-in dressed in a tuxedo, the likely story became clear.

Source: Hawaii Blog

Episode 6.11 – Happily Ever After – Set Photos – 16Th Jan

Menang CemeUpdate: 19:00 Thanks to again to Amos81 from http://www.4815162342.pl/ for sending us this set report

6×11 set report from Swir

IΓÇÖm in Hawaii and today I saw the crew of LOST. They were shooting scenes with Desmond and Widmore in an old building which used to be a Nike shop.

In the building, they made it look like WidmoreΓÇÖs office, and they put a large green screen behind the windows so that they could add a nice view of London or something like that. When I came back in the evening, the green screen was gone and I could see the interior of the office. I couldnΓÇÖt take a picture though, because it was too dark. IΓÇÖll take care of that in the morning and send you the photos.

I saw two paintings on the wall. They depicted a weighing scale in the shape of a cross. There were white and black discs on each side of the scale.

When I came to the set, I didnΓÇÖt see Widmore or Desmond because they were on their lunch break. I spoke to one of the security guards and he told me the actors were coming back in 10 minutes ΓÇô and they did! They waved at us, asked ΓÇ£how are youΓÇ¥ and entered the building

Source: Swir@4815162342

Thanks to Amos81 from http://www.4815162342.pl/ for sending us these photos

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